How to help in the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy

When Hurricane Sandy hit the East Coast, it left homes and businesses up and down the coast flooded and without power. Now that the storm has passed, millions of people will be left to clean up the devastation it left behind for weeks and months to come. There are several ways you can help people recover from this natural disaster and assist them in rebuilding their communities.

Here are some websites that provide useful information as we move into the recovery phase:


  • Make a donation: FEMA has a list of charitable organizations accepting donations in all the states where people need assistance.
  • Volunteer: You can help people affected by disasters like Hurricane Sandy by supporting the American Red Cross Disaster Relief.
  • Food Donations: Feeding America is taking donations for food, water, and other supplies for people throughout the affected area.
  • Pet Safety: The Humane Society provides information on caring for stranded pets.
  • Flood Safety and Cleanup: Here is a list of common techniques for sanitizing and cleaning flooded items.
  • Emergency Preparedness and Response: When returning to your home after a hurricane or flood, be aware that floodwater may contain sewage. Protect yourself and your family by following these steps.
  • Prepare, Plan and Stay: Emergency information from FEMA

To help during the recovery, Xylem moved quickly to deliver dewatering pumps to move water out of huge structures and small homes, and donated high efficiency portable utility pumps to help areas without power. Xylem has also launched a website with helpful information on how to recover from a flood at

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