Xylem Introduces McDonnell & Miller PSE-800-M Low Water Cut-Off For Residential Steam Boilers

Xylem announces the introduction of the McDonnell & Miller PSE-800-M Manual Reset Low Water Cut-Off (LWCO) for residential hot steam boilers. The PSE-800-M controls are used as the secondary LWCO on steam boilers and can also be used as the primary LWCO on hot water heating boilers.

Featuring advanced lockout delay, power interruption reset, CSD-1 Memory and a self-cleaning probe, the new LWCO ensures safe and reliable operation. The Series PSE-800-M is a new addition to the McDonnell & Miller probe type low water cut-off group of products and is available in both standard and extended configurations to fit nearly any residential steam boiler.

Key features of the PSE-800-M Low Water Cut-Off include:

  • Lockout delay – If a low water condition occurs (water off probe), the burner will turn off and the red LED will begin to blink. If the water level is not restored to a level above the probe within 60 seconds, the control will lockout.
  • Power interruption Reset – If there is a loss of power, the control will automatically reset if there was water on the probe before the loss of power as well as if there is water on the probe when the power is restored.
  • CSD-1 memory – If a low water condition occurs and there is a power interruption, the control will remain in a low water condition when power is restored until manually reset.
  • Self-cleaning probe – Reduces probe maintenance to once every five years instead of annually.
  • Test-button standard on all controls to allow the control to be tested without draining the boiler or system.
  • ‘Green’ power on and ‘Red’ LWCO LED’s standard on all units to give visual indication that the unit is powered-up and when a low water condition is detected.
  • Available in 120 VAC and 24 VAC versions.
  • Meets UL and CSA requirements for boiler safety controls.

All McDonnell & Miller PSE-800-M undergo a full functionality test prior to shipment. For more information on the McDonnell & Miller PSE-800-M visit www.bit.ly/PSE-800-M.

To learn more about Xylem’s innovative solutions and its Residential and Commercial Water brands such as Bell & Gossett, AC Fire, Flowtronex, Goulds Water Technology, Lowara, and McDonnell & Miller, visit www.completewatersystems.com.

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